SaaS Growth Advisory

We enable startups to take bolder leaps by bypassing the common hurdles, allowing you to manage the unpredictable and break new ground.

Thanks to the work with T-bone, we have been able to leverage the Marketing team efficiency and performance and greatly contribute to the company growth at that time.

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Gautier Garin
VP Marketing & BizDev, Talenthub.io

What we believe

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Growth Gearing

In the startup realm, we don't predict the future; we create it. Most startups can't yet predict growth but they can gear their growth investments to increase their chances of hitting the target.

Rather than working with traditional forecasts, we help you work backward from your goals to figure out when and how Marketing needs to generate qualified leads.

Minimum Viable Strategy

Prioritization is at the heart of doing business. Many startups overestimate the impact of their marketing efforts while underestimating the resources required for sustainable growth.

We help startups pinpoint the most promising growth strategies and experiments for them. By identifying these tactics, we help you continually fuel investments in Marketing and Sales.

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Value over Volume

We challenge the belief that if something can't be quantified, it isn't valuable. This mindset has for some led to overinvestment in low-quality, high-volume channels at the expense of higher-quality, long-term strategies.

While your CRM can tell you how Marketing directly impacts the bottom line, we help you map out long-tail and indirect contributions to identify sustainable acquisition channels that don't burn out within six months.

What we offer

Your journey, our expertise

We tailor our practice to match your needs, utilizing best practices from years of experience.


If you’re looking to make your first real marketing investment, expand into new markets, or scale your demand generation efforts you will get a go-to-market playbook adapted to your specific needs, constraints, and resource availability.

  • Pipeline audit
  • Market landscape
  • Segmentation
  • Messaging matrix
  • Lead acquisition tactics
  • Organizational needs
  • Operational requirements

our process

  • Step 1

    Data collection & analysis

  • Step 2

    Workshop & discussion

  • Step 3

    Review & delivery

  • Ongoing

    Implementation & execution


Need the right people to execute your go-to-market strategy and struggling to find the right profile? We can provide complete end–to–end recruitment or assist you in the interviewing and selection process to identify the best candidate for your specific needs.

Example profile fit
  • Leadership

  • Hands-on

  • Extrovert

  • Data-driven

  • Risk-averse


Our process

  • Job description & profile fit

  • Candidate sourcing

  • Screening calls

  • Interviews

  • Skills assessment

  • Candidate selection

Executive Sparring

Already building a team but looking for sparring on marketing and leadership? In our monthly or bi-weekly sessions, we’ll take a pragmatic approach to driving results and tackling organizational challenges.

  • Pipeline performance
  • Prioritization matrix
  • Team development
  • Best practice
  • Leadership skills
  • Risk mitigation

Our process

  • Past period KPI review

  • Target reach viability

  • Blockers & enablers

  • Team capacity optimization

  • Opportunities & new developments

Let's team up

T-bone is your co-pilot on the journey to unlocking the full potential of your tech startup.

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May Laursen
Owner, T-bone